16.Pat Lamons (Adam's grandmother)(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing...Absolutely stunning.
Great style of taking pictures Tom! I do really enjoy this fotoblog, all pictures always great
14.Amin Razvi(non-registered)
Wow I never saw something like this ! Great photos, Astronomy rocks!
10.Pat Travassos (John's sister-in-law - a/k/a Jim's wife)(non-registered)

Absolutely beautiful photographs. Great work!
Hey! My cousin is a Tiverton resident. I have been hearing a lot about you from him. I hope you are getting ready for the festival. Also, I’m interested to know about your plans to visit the Faibanks! http://www.mtbc.com/
Beautiful photos, I enjoyed them immensely. Thank you for creating a website where we can purchase your work!http://coachfactoryoutlet.nkcaa.com/
7.Lorraine Lopes-Monteiro(non-registered)
I am a life long Tiverton resident with about a 15 year stint in California. I hear that you were from Tiverton, so I thought I'd check out your Web site. I must tell you that you do beautiful work and I hope to see more in the future....Much luck to you!!
6.Courtney Pagh(non-registered)
Very beautiful work, Tom!
5.Lisa Payer Hogan(non-registered)
Tom, you take amazing photographs!
4.JAMES PAYER(non-registered)
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