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With over 10,000 pilots and over 630,000 square miles of virtual wilderness, the airplane is an essential means of transportation throughout most of Alaska. Here's some of the great aircraft used and modified for "bush" travel.
Blue Ski PlaneBeaver at SunsetTaylorcraft During SunsetCessna 180 in the SnowDH-2 Beaver in the SnowBellanca Scout on SkiisRed Maule on FloatsSuper Cub on a Snowy SunsetSuper Cub SunsetFloatplane on a Winter SunsetFall Evening Float PondPA-18 Parked in the SnowRed Cub in the SnowAeronca in the SnowCitabria in the SnowYellow Taildragger on SkiisYellow Super Cub on FloatsPA-22 in the SnowState Trooper Cub on SkiisAlaska State Troopers Super Cub

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